Teresa Tong

2 Workshops

Why Christian Kids Rebel 

Children’s Ministry workers and parents try their best to raise children in a nurturing spiritual environment. It is heart-breaking to see many of our children grow up and step away from their belief and embrace other lifestyle choices. In order to help our Next- Gen develop a vibrant faith early in life and stick with it on into adulthood, we have to understand what causes their spiritual rebellion, so that we can care and support rebellious ones and lead them back into a walk of faith. 

Dance with Next Gen 

The development of today’s young people are under great impact of postmodernism and culture. As a parent and a CM worker, we have to understand the holistic development (physiological, emotional, social and spiritual) of our Next-Gen and the world that they are living in so that we can provide support to them in all these aspects. This workshop aims to examine these areas from the perspectives of a child development and current culture so that we can help our young people to develop as a godly child of God. 


Dr. Teresa Tong, the Founder and Consulting Children’s Pastor of BLESSING4CM Consulting Ministry, graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary (USA) with a Doctor of Ministry degree in Family and Youth Ministry and a MDiv degree from Tyndale Seminary, majoring in Pastoral and Children’s Ministry.  She served as a Children’s Pastor in Richmond Hill Christian Community Church for years. With over 40 years of ministry experience, she is now focusing on mentoring children’s pastors and training ministry leaders both locally and oversea, as well as delivering parenting seminars and leading joint family worship for all age groups in many churches. She delivers seminary courses at Tyndale, ABSCC (the Alliance Bible Seminary Centre of Canada 建道), 恩福, 加拿大環球廣播, and serves in the Committee of TCEMF (Toronto Chinese Evangelical Ministerial Fellowship) and on the Board of TCCPA (Toronto Chinese Christian Parenting Association). She is a popular speaker for conferences, systematic teachers training series, leadership retreats, radio interviews as well as publishing journals and hosting city-wide special programs for children. She has led many short-term mission teams to different parts of the world (Cambodia, Myanmar, Africa, Macedonia, Romania, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, China

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