Tanya Yuen


Grand-tastic Adventure: Grandparents and grandkids experiencing God together!

In our role of equipping parents to intentionally nurture the faith lives of their children, let’s remember grandparents! This workshop will explore why we need to intentionally equip grandparents and some practical and simple ways to do it.


Rev. Tanya Yuen has been in her role as Children and Family Ministries Associate at the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec since 2012. She oversees various training and resourcing initiatives for CBOQ churches seeking to draw out the giftedness of children and families in their midst.
She brings with her a blend of hands-on experience in children, youth and family ministry in the local church as a pastor, having served for 16 years in 3 different churches in downtown Toronto, along with leadership development and administrative experience. Moreover, she is motivated by the opportunity and privilege to journey alongside others, helping them to discover their God-given gifts and abilities, and equipping them to serve in the area of Children and Family Ministry.
She holds a Bachelor of Religious Education and a Master of Theological Studies from Tyndale University College & Seminary.  She is also a graduate of the Arrow Leadership Program. Tanya serves as Global Mentor for the Baptist World Alliance Horizons Children’s Ministry Course, a global, online training program.

Tanya, her husband Alfred and 3 daughters can often be found exploring the many trails and conservation areas of Halton.

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