Workshop #4

The following workshops will be offered at 3:10pm. Developing a New Plan for Children’s Ministry Sustainable Children’s Ministry: From Last-Minute Scrambling to Long-Term Solutions Rebuilding the Bridge between church and community with CHILDREN in mind  My Happy Heart: Christian Meditation with children Serving Together  Jesus-Centred vs Morality-Centred Teaching to Kids  Practicing the Presence of God:Continue reading “Workshop #4”

Workshop #3

The following workshops will be offered at 2pm. A Psychology of Presence  Three Ways Child Misbehavior Can Help Your Ministry  Kids Can Read the Bible Too! Teaching the Whole Child in Children’s Ministry: From Boredom and Chaos to Meaningful Engagement Collaborative Children’s Ministry  The Core of the Children Spiritual Formation-Experience the Holy Spirit  Hearing GodContinue reading “Workshop #3”

Workshop #2

The following workshops will be offered at 11:40am. How Trauma affects the kids we love and what to do about it Using What you Have  Teaching Children to Pray: Practical Resources for Leading Children to Become Prayer Warriors The Power of Experiential Learning  Family Devotions  Developing Children in Christ’s Image  Using Social Media in KidsContinue reading “Workshop #2”

Workshop #1

The following workshops will be offered at 10:30am. Encouraging Faith At Home  Accessibility in the Church Customized Discipleship Heading out of covid-Strategies to Help our Students Engage God’s Big Story  Teachers as Spiritual Directors  Do you See Me? Relationship between your Senior Pastor/Board and You  Catching a Vision for Safeguarding Dance with Next Gen  MakingContinue reading “Workshop #1”

2022 Plenary Speaker

Bishop Jenny Andison We are excited to welcome Bishop Jenny Andison as our Plenary Speaker this year. Bishop Jenny was born in England and has lived in Pakistan, India, Singapore and Japan. She earned a Hons. BA from Queen’s University in 1994 and received her Master of Divinity from the University of Toronto in 1997.Continue reading “2022 Plenary Speaker”

Catherine Keating

Workshop Making the Christ connection Schools teach values and character education.  The purpose is to produce good citizens in our city and province.  In the church, we want to produce good citizens for the Kingdom of God. Making the Christ Connection helps children contrast how challenges are resolved in secular stories and discovering how JesusContinue reading “Catherine Keating”

Yau Man Siew

Workshop Culture, Socialization & How Children Develop: Insights from Lev Vygotsky  Lev Vygotsky (1896-1934) was one of the most influential cognitive developmental psychologists in his lifetime. In contrast to Jean Piaget (1896-1980, cognitive stage development theory), Vygotsky emphasized that cognition and values are socially and culturally mediated-constructed. If so, what implications does this hold forContinue reading “Yau Man Siew”