Catherine Keating

Workshop Making the Christ connection Schools teach values and character education.  The purpose is to produce good citizens in our city and province.  In the church, we want to produce good citizens for the Kingdom of God. Making the Christ Connection helps children contrast how challenges are resolved in secular stories and discovering how JesusContinue reading “Catherine Keating”

Yau Man Siew

Workshop Culture, Socialization & How Children Develop: Insights from Lev Vygotsky  Lev Vygotsky (1896-1934) was one of the most influential cognitive developmental psychologists in his lifetime. In contrast to Jean Piaget (1896-1980, cognitive stage development theory), Vygotsky emphasized that cognition and values are socially and culturally mediated-constructed. If so, what implications does this hold forContinue reading “Yau Man Siew”

Teresa Tong

2 Workshops Why Christian Kids Rebel  Children’s Ministry workers and parents try their best to raise children in a nurturing spiritual environment. It is heart-breaking to see many of our children grow up and step away from their belief and embrace other lifestyle choices. In order to help our Next- Gen develop a vibrant faithContinue reading “Teresa Tong”

Tanya Yuen

Workshop Grand-tastic Adventure: Grandparents and grandkids experiencing God together! In our role of equipping parents to intentionally nurture the faith lives of their children, let’s remember grandparents! This workshop will explore why we need to intentionally equip grandparents and some practical and simple ways to do it. Biography Rev. Tanya Yuen has been in her roleContinue reading “Tanya Yuen”

Richard Evelyn

2 Workshops Teaching Kids Worship through Sign Language   In previous years this workshop helped many to engage children and youth in experiencing a different way to engage in songs of worship. An opportunity to experience God in a beautiful and expressive way is the focus of the workshop. Participants will leave with a package ofContinue reading “Richard Evelyn”

Nicki Straza

2 Workshops Practicing the Presence of God: Prayer Room Encounters  Bible stories can be taught, but relationship with God must be experienced. In this workshop, experience meaningful moments with God. Watch how He woos your heart, teaches you from his word, and expands your understanding. Then lean into the practical as you learn to partnerContinue reading “Nicki Straza”