Tina Rae


Discovering Faith Through Art 

You can give a kid a crayon and tell them to fill the time, but take it one step further and help them become part of an experience that deepens their faith. We can easily miss opportunities to see God at work as we create, but making this connection can have a lasting impact that will grow a families’ faith together. Join Tina as she shares about the importance of creative ministries and how you can practically integrate art and faith for both your children and family ministries. 


Rev. Tina Rae has been pastoring in children and family ministries for 18 years and is an ordained pastor with the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec. In her spare time, she enjoys creating art and has shown and sold artwork across southwestern Ontario. Over the years she has explored how to bridge both her passions for faith and art in her ministries and has published a book “Devotions for the Artist at Heart.” 

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