Robert Crosby

3 Workshops

How Trauma Affects the Kids We Love and What to Do About It 

From abuse, neglect, and divorce to lockdowns, social isolation, and civil unrest, childhood trauma is on the rise. In this session, you will learn how trauma touches the children in your ministry and what many churches get wrong when it comes to teaching and disciplining hurting kids. Make sense of the most frustrating, confusing, and heartbreaking child behaviors, and discover practical, research-based strategies to help children who have experienced trauma heal and succeed at church. 

Three Ways Child Misbehavior Can Help Your Ministry 

Traditional approaches to discipline view misbehavior as an obstacle to ministry. God has important work to do, but now it can’t happen because Dylan is distracting the group. But did you know that misbehavior can actually help your ministry? This session teaches you how to use discipline problems as an opportunity to create a more supportive ministry environment, strengthen relationships, and minister to those hurting kids who express their pain through their behavior. 

How to Create Life-Changing Small Groups 

Many children have no safe place to talk about their lives, share their feelings, or receive prayer and encouragement. A weekly small group can change a child’s life by meeting these critical needs. In this session, you will learn how to structure successful small groups (e.g., size, gender makeup, leader selection) and build intimacy and trust by setting the tone, establishing a check-in routine, employing strategic self-disclosure, and teaching social skills. 


Robert Crosby, PhD is Associate Professor of Psychology at California Baptist University. A former youth pastor with over 20 years’ experience in children’s and youth ministry, he is one of the world’s leading scholars in the field of children’s ministry research. He has published numerous scientific articles about ways that churches can provide supportive environments for children, and he recently co-authored the book “Trauma-Informed Children’s Ministry: A Practical Guide to Reaching Hurting Kids” (spring 2022). He attends Life Bible Fellowship in Upland, California with his wife and children.

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