Richard Evelyn

2 Workshops

Teaching Kids Worship through Sign Language  

In previous years this workshop helped many to engage children and youth in experiencing a different way to engage in songs of worship. An opportunity to experience God in a beautiful and expressive way is the focus of the workshop. Participants will leave with a package of resources to help continue to learn and teach songs and Bible verses to help children and youth engage in continuous learning. 

Mental Health and Self Care Using Scriptures Prayer and Worship Songs  

Covid 19 taught us many things on how to look after ourselves physically but how many of us went through the emotional mental and spiritual turmoil that came along from being isolated from family members church family and friends. This workshop will help us together to see through that lens of how God can connect with us through His Word and songs and hymns that we sing in our worship service that bring healing and peace to our souls. A practical way to bring ourselves and others into the presence of God in a beautiful way. 


A way to describe me in 3 words. Creative Connected and Inspirational. I am a retired Educational Assistant who has worked with children and youth for 17 years in the elementary and secondary school settings. Outside of the school setting I have worked with children and youth since I was 18 years old. I use music and sign language to engage youth to experience God in an unique and wonderful way. I attended Mount Hamilton Baptist Church have been there for 28 years as a partner, have ran Youth Groups both Junior and Senior as a volunteer Youth Leader for 17 years. Now I am now attending Heritage Green Community Church in Stoney Creek Mountain. I am now a volunteer Youth/Young Adults Leader in September. Looking forward to seeing where God takes me in my new role.

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