Nicki Straza

2 Workshops

Practicing the Presence of God: Prayer Room Encounters 

Bible stories can be taught, but relationship with God must be experienced. In this workshop, experience meaningful moments with God. Watch how He woos your heart, teaches you from his word, and expands your understanding. Then lean into the practical as you learn to partner with the Holy Spirit and others to create these moments for your children’s ministry. You will go home with a collection of prayer room encounter experiences and the understanding of how to make them meaningful. 

The Culture of Relationship in Ministry 

We have many teachers, but we do not have many fathers and mothers. So often we get to work teaching doctrine and theology and bible stories and we miss the relational foundation on which all of these are built. Beth Guckenberger said, “It is on top of relationship that the gospel makes sense.” In this workshop, discover the significant role that relationships have in ministry, and discover the power that comes when we build this transformative foundation. Understand the impact that meaningful relationships have on the mental health, self-esteem, and confidence of your children, and learn how to weave relationship building and social-emotional learning into everything you do. 


Nicki’s passion and energy are contagious as she brings over 20 years of kid’s ministry experience to the table. She believes that kids in ministry become adults in ministry and believes her destiny lies in helping kids young and old understand and walk in the revelation of who they are in Christ. She is the author of Superhero in Me, a workshop-based program designed for public school classrooms that empower kids to change their world using kindness. She is a curriculum writer and program developer with a heart to teach kids how to think and live their lives with Kingdom perspective and Holy Spirit anointing. 

She is currently the Youth and Family Engagement Lead at Woodview Mental Health & Autism Services as well as running her own coaching business. She is a regular contributing writer for and Kidzmatter magazine. She can usually be found on her porch swing with a cup of coffee. She has two adult children and lives with her husband in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.  


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