Workshop List

Following is the list of 43 workshops in the time slots that they will be offered at TCMC 2022. You will be able to choose to attend 4 workshops throughout the day. All conference participants will need to pre-select their workshops prior to the Conference. An email to sign up will be sent to registered participants on Oct. 28.

Workshop #1: The following workshops will be offered at 10:30am.

Encouraging Faith At Home 
Three Ways Child Misbehavior can help your Ministry
Customized Discipleship
Heading out of covid-Strategies to Help our Students Engage
God’s Big Story 
Teachers as Spiritual Directors 
Do you See Me? Relationship between your Senior Pastor/Board and You 
Catching a Vision for Safeguarding
Dance with Next Gen 
Making the Curriculum Connection 
Accessibility in the Church  

Workshop #2: The following workshops will be offered at 11:40am.

How Trauma affects the kids we love and what to do about it
Using What you Have 
Teaching Children to Pray: Practical Resources for Leading Children to Become Prayer Warriors
The Power of Experiential Learning 
Family Devotions 
Developing Children in Christ’s Image 
Using Social Media in Kids and Family Ministry
The 5 W’s of Recruiting and Screening Volunteers 
Teaching kids worship through Sign Language 
Culture, Socialization & How Children Develop: Insights from Lev Vgotsky
Practical Ministry with Families Affected by Disability

Workshop #3: The following workshops will be offered at 2pm.

A Psychology of Presence 
How to create life-changing Small Groups 
Kids Can Read the Bible Too!
Teaching the Whole Child in Children’s Ministry: From Boredom and Chaos to Meaningful Engagement
Collaborative Children’s Ministry 
The Core of the Children Spiritual Formation-Experience the Holy Spirit 
Hearing God for Kids 
Training Your Volunteers in Safeguarding 
The Culture of Relationship in Ministry
Mental Health and Self Care Using Scriptures, Prayer and Worship Songs 
Discovering Faith Through Art 

Workshop #4: The following workshops will be offered at 3:10pm.

Developing a New Plan for Children’s Ministry
Sustainable Children’s Ministry: From Last-Minute Scrambling to Long-Term Solutions
Rebuilding the Bridge between church and community with CHILDREN in mind 
My Happy Heart: Christian Meditation with children
Serving Together 
Jesus-Centred vs Morality-Centred Teaching to Kids 
Practicing the Presence of God: Prayer Room Encounters 
Grand-tastic Adventure: Grandparents and Grandkids experiencing God Together 
Why Christian Kids Rebel 
Making the Christ Connection 
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