Annette Ford

3 Workshops Teaching Children to Pray: Practical Resources for Leading Children to Become Prayer Warriors  How do we lead children toward becoming vibrant prayer warriors? This workshop will provide practical ideas for helping children understand and experience how God can use them to pray mighty prayers and see Him work in amazing ways. You willContinue reading “Annette Ford”

Angelina Hung

Workshop Teachers as Spiritual Directors  After many years of teaching children, I have learned that how we have defined the role of our teachers has brought many ramifications to the way teachers engage with children and teach God’s Word. In my own experience, I have learned that the role of the teacher should not focusContinue reading “Angelina Hung”

Alvin Lau

2 Workshops Customized Discipleship  Discipleship is not a “one-track” system. Jesus developed his disciples in a way that was unique to each of them individually. Discover what ways you can customize your discipleship strategy to your kids.  Using What You Have  Some churches feel they do not have the resources to effectively minister to childrenContinue reading “Alvin Lau”