Lyndsay Thompson

Workshop A Psychology of Presence  This workshop will look at what psychology has to say about being present with kids. It will look at what each developmental stage has to say about the presence of a caregiver in a child’s life. Through a psychological and theological framework, we will look at how to practically beContinue reading “Lyndsay Thompson”

Leanne Cabral

3 Workshops Family Devotions  Discover new tools, strategies and activities, as you intentionally seek the Lord together as a family, partnering with Him as He weaves the faith story of your family together. What if…- Family Devotions could be leave your kids wanting more?- you could discover fresh ways to carve out time with JesusContinue reading “Leanne Cabral”

Lawson Murray

2 Workshops Kids can read the Bible too!  Discover practical creative ways to connect children with God’s Word. An experiential workshop that equips you with more than a dozen ways to help kids encounter Jesus in and through His Word.  Developing a new plan for children’s ministry  How do we address the dysfunctionality in children’sContinue reading “Lawson Murray”

Julie Meakin

Workshop My Happy Heart:  Christian Meditation with Children In this workshop the practice of Christian meditation will be introduced and we will look at why and how to teach children this “prayer of the heart.”A child has a natural capacity to experience God, unmediated by language or concepts. Some of the qualities we find inContinue reading “Julie Meakin”

Jonathan Murray

2 Workshops The Power of Experiential Learning  How can we make God’s Word come alive to children? Let children experience it! In this session we will look at how you can become a creative implementer of experiential learning in your family and church contexts. It’s fun, simple, and powerful!  God’s Big Story  From Genesis toContinue reading “Jonathan Murray”

Jenni Feheley

Workshop Rebuilding the bridge between church and community with CHILDREN in mind!  This workshop helps parishes get creative in reaching the kids and families in their community in new and exciting ways. Church is often seen as relevant to those who already attend and those who are living marginalized lives. What if…. we found waysContinue reading “Jenni Feheley”

Janet Earle

Workshop Encouraging Faith at Home  Parents have the biggest impact on growing faith in their children. How can Children’s Ministry leaders support and encourage our families? Using the ‘Faith at Home’ course developed in 2022 at St. Paul’s Bloor Street, I will share some simple ideas to help parents grow faith in their children. TheContinue reading “Janet Earle”

Derek Wong

Workshop Collaborative Children Ministry  This workshop will focus on benefits of collaborating with people within your church and connecting with people from other places to help bring the authentic message of Jesus to families within your faith and immediate community. This workshop will also communicate practical things that can help a leader or committee inContinue reading “Derek Wong”

Bryan Dixon

Workshop Heading out of co-vid: strategies to help our students engage  Over the last 12 years I have been in Public School classrooms mentoring/ evaluating teacher candidates. In this workshop I would like to discuss strategies and trends in these learning communities. I would like to talk about the following: Dealing with issues for studentsContinue reading “Bryan Dixon”