2023 Special Feature

We are delighted to welcome Canadian authour, Laura Alary to this year’s conference. She will be offering a book reading and signing of her forthcoming book, All the Faces of Me. Read her bio here.

A little girl admires the wooden nesting dolls that sit side by side on the windowsill at her Nana’s house. But something about the dolls does not feel quite right. They all look exactly the same: pink cheeks, frilly flowers, and big smiles. How can this be? She knows she has many different faces and feelings inside of her, so the dolls should too!

Determined that the dolls should show the truth, the little girl draws new expressions on all their faces—from silly grins to angry grimaces.

When Nana sees these “improvements” she is furious and declares the dolls are ruined. But her granddaughter sees things differently: “If these dolls were me,” she explains, “no two would be alike.” Out of conflict, conversation arises, and Nana hears and understands. With a warning to ask before embarking on any more art projects, Nana enfolds her granddaughter in a hug big enough to hold all of her.

All the Faces of Me is a story about communication, creative self-expression, and conflict resolution. But most of all, it is about acknowledging the many faces of who we are, and celebrating the power of love to contain them all in wholeness.

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