Ken McDonald


Making the Curriculum Connection

In a shifting world that is changing day by day how do we navigate what is the best curriculum to use for our church?  Do we continue meeting in person with safety protocols in place or move to an online format?  Can we still use the same curriculum or do we need to change that?

In this session Ken will be presenting several different curricula as well as offering a time of question and answer to help you in your  “How To’s” for children’s ministry.
With 30 years of ministry experience, a husband, father of 3 children and a grandfather, Ken has a heart for children’s spiritual growth.


Ken McDonald has been a key participant of the church team at Parasource Marketing & Distribution, formerly known as David C Cook/Augsburg Fortress Canada for over 8 years.
As a Church Resource Consultant he has worked with many churches over the 8 years, helping them find a curriculum that best suits the needs of their church. Ken has also served in Church ministry for over 30 years in the areas of Children, Youth, and Worship which allows him to have a well-rounded perspective of what churches are looking for and help them work through some of the challenges they may have.

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