Yau Man Siew


Culture, Socialization & How Children Develop: Insights from Lev Vygotsky 

Lev Vygotsky (1896-1934) was one of the most influential cognitive developmental psychologists in his lifetime. In contrast to Jean Piaget (1896-1980, cognitive stage development theory), Vygotsky emphasized that cognition and values are socially and culturally mediated-constructed. If so, what implications does this hold for the development of children’s faith in church and home? How can we nurture a social climate for faith enculturation? Are there biblical examples? What are some challenges and potentials? 


Yau Man Siew has been at Tyndale Seminary of Tyndale University since 2001 and leads the Christian Education & Discipleship studies. He specializes in curriculum, developmental and educational theory, ethnographic theology and his research focuses on discipleship ministry and assessment of theological education. Students in CE & Discipleship are equipped to be Pastors of Children’s & Family Ministry, Pastors of Discipleship (Small Groups, Community Life, Outreach), and some serve as lead pastors. Yau Man was Visiting Scholar at the OISE/University of Toronto (2000-01) and Teachers College, Columbia University (2008-09). He has contributed to book chapters and his articles have appeared in Christian Education Journal, Theological Education, Asia Journal of Theology and Evangelical Dictionary of Christian Education.

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