Mollie Sitwell

3 Workshops

The 5 W’s of Recruiting and Screening Volunteers  

In this workshop we will unpack the 5 W’s of screening volunteers, including: 1) Why in a church setting is recruitment and screening such an important aspect of children’s ministry; 2) What are the steps needed to appropriately recruit and screen volunteers; 3) Who are good candidates for serving and how do I recognize them and who is not a safe or good candidate; 3) Where to find good volunteers; 4); Where do I even begin to get the candidates I need; and 5) When should we start recruiting and when do we need to rescreen if necessary. 

Catching a Vision for Safeguarding 

Too often we think of abuse prevention as something we have to do, or the insurance company is requiring us to do. In this workshop Mollie will be helping us catch a vision for safeguarding, not as something we have to do but something we have a privilege of doing. Abuse prevention is a ministry in itself to the whole church and community! It clearly communicates the heart of God! 

Training Your Volunteers in Safeguarding  

Training children is one thing but where do we begin when we are training adults! Safeguarding training is a requirement to qualify for abuse coverage. Learn what is meant by a qualified trainer and what should be included in your annual abuse prevention training to ensure knowledge is gained in abuse awareness, prevention and protection.


Mollie Sitwell the Program Lead for Training for Plan to Protect® and is an effective educator, a seasoned facilitator, and a life-long learner. Mollie works tirelessly at making a meaningful difference in the lives of those she is blessed to know and meet. Driven by her love for people, she enjoys the on-going relationships that she has with many colleagues and students – past and present. As a workshop facilitator, Mollie is excited to draw from her rich experiences, education, and acquired knowledge base to help other people and organizations move forward during this unprecedented time  

 Educationally, Mollie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, and a Bachelor of Education degree from Queen’s University.  She is a certified teacher with the Ontario College of Teachers and has recently earned a Human Resources Post Graduate Diploma from Loyalist College. She is also slowly working at attaining her Masters in Theological Studies through Tyndale University and Seminary.   

Mollie, and her husband Craig, have raised three amazing daughters into adulthood. Last year she and Craig moved to Toronto to live with and care for her aging mother. One of the many benefits of this is that she now lives walking distance from her one-year-old granddaughter, whom she sees several times a week! 

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