Margaret Boersma


Developing Children in Christ’s Image 

Are your children/students anxious, aggressive or shut down? Create a culture of self-care and problem-solving that allows leaders and children to thrive. In this lively, interactive session, participants are introduced to classroom management and creating an emotionally safe environment. Learn practical strategies such as lowering one’s own stress, calming someone down and the Make-it-Right Formula (forgiveness and reconciliation). Teach children these skills so they can manage their own relationships, feel connected and shine their light in the world. 


Margaret Boersma is a teacher trainer, consultant and speaker specializing in emotional intelligence and teaching methods. She provides training programs for teachers and principals and for children and youth ministry pastors. She believes social-emotional learning (SEL) ensures we are able to bring biblical principles into our everyday lives regardless of socio-economic class, family situations and everyday circumstances. Her faith is the foundation of all her work as she seeks to be God’s light in the world. 

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