Marc Potvin


Do You See Me? Relationship between your Senior Pastor/Board and You 

This workshop will discuss how to create a good relationship with one’s senior pastor and board from a former senior pastor’s perspective. It will be interactive, practical, and filled with encouragement. 


Marc Potvin was born and raised in Montreal. Before taking his current position as Pastoral Leaders Development Associate with Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec in 2018, he served with a number of congregations in Nova Scotia, Québec, and Ontario for 32 years.  

He has served either as a solo or senior pastor throughout those years, working closely with volunteer and paid children and youth workers, highly valuing their ministry. Marc believes the younger generation is not the church of tomorrow but very much the church of today.  

He has introduced intergenerational services in every congregation he has served believing that children and teenagers must be seen and heard. A great compliment was given to him when, visiting a former church, an elementary school child told his father he was going to stay for the whole service because he was excited that pastor Marc was preaching. 

Marc is married and has three grown children. He enjoys walking with his dog, watching good movies, and reading. 

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