Leanne Cabral

3 Workshops

Family Devotions 

Discover new tools, strategies and activities, as you intentionally seek the Lord together as a family, partnering with Him as He weaves the faith story of your family together. What if…- Family Devotions could be leave your kids wanting more?- you could discover fresh ways to carve out time with Jesus as a family ?- there was a way to do Family Devotions in the chaos of everyday life? Come away with…- a clearer understanding of the value of Family Devotions and the impact it can have in your family.- strategies to make family devotions significant, special and fun.- creative and practical ideas/activities for family devotions.- a game plan to get started. 

Hearing God for Kids 

Help your children experience the Lord in the everyday circumstances of life, with tools, strategies, and activities that will help them see how God has uniquely wired them to hear His voice. What if…- our kids could know the voice of God and recognize the characteristics of His voice?- we could help our kids hear the voice of God in their ordinary daily life?- we could equip our kids with truth about how to test what they hear? Come away with…- a fuller understanding of how God speaks to us and how to cultivate a listening spirit in our kids.- practical tips in creating an atmosphere to hear God along with insight on what might interfere, and a way to test what is heard.- creative tools strategies and activities that help kids hear and recognize the voice of God for themselves. 

Serving Together 

Uncover the impact of serving together as a family as you strategically look at the needs around you and equip your kids to live out their faith in practical ways. What if…* you could cultivate compassion and a practice of serving others in your kids?* you could weave acts of service in to the chaos of everyday life?* your family’s acts of service could be a conduit of God’s love and care for you and for others? Come away with…* a solid understanding of the significance of serving others.* practical tools and strategies to cultivate serving in your family/ministry.* a fun and sustainable plan to make serving others a way of life. 


Mother•Author•Speaker•Spiritual Director

Leanne has a passion for equipping parents and ministry leaders as they navigate the awesome task of passing faith on to their children. She provides biblically based tools, strategies and resources for parents to make their invisible faith tangible, so they can intentionally point their kids to Jesus. She loves to help others build a living legacy of faith by chasing after the things that matter most. 

Leanne’s authenticity, humility and gentle approach creates the kind of atmosphere that makes delving into the vast subject of family safe and comfortable. Her vulnerability about her struggles and gains invites others into her journey – breathing life and igniting others to live life with purpose and intentionality. 

Partnered with Worlds Apart, Leanne is the creator of Bringing Faith Home speaking series, and the author of A Parent’s Best Gift. Leanne and her husband James live just outside of Toronto with their four kids. 

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