Lawson Murray

2 Workshops

Kids can read the Bible too! 

Discover practical creative ways to connect children with God’s Word. An experiential workshop that equips you with more than a dozen ways to help kids encounter Jesus in and through His Word. 

Developing a new plan for children’s ministry 

How do we address the dysfunctionality in children’s ministry? What should the future trajectory of children’s faith formation be? Insights from the latest research and practical suggestions for reimagining children’s faith formation. 


Lawson is married to his best friend, Karen. They love spending time together with their children and grandchildren (11 so far!). Lawson is deeply committed to connecting children, youth, and families with Jesus and His Word. He is a writer/author, researcher, ministry innovator, conference speaker, adjunct seminary professor, international trainer, Bible engagement specialist, children’s and sports ministry specialist, and President of Scripture Union Canada. 


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