Julie Meakin


My Happy Heart:  Christian Meditation with Children

In this workshop the practice of Christian meditation will be introduced and we will look at why and how to teach children this “prayer of the heart.”A child has a natural capacity to experience God, unmediated by language or concepts. Some of the qualities we find in children are: openness, innocence, trust, wonder, the acceptance of others, the ability to be in the present moment.
Meditation is a way of prayer which taps into this contemplative nature of children. It is the movement from the head to the heart in which we experience the love of God through the presence of Jesus and all that that entails for ourselves and the world. When asked what meditation means to them, here are a few responses from children aged 5 to 12:
“Listening to Jesus” “Caring for others, being like Jesus; “We close our eyes and be still” “Giving love to God” “I really felt God was in my heart”


Julie is the priest at Holy Family Anglican Church in Brampton.  She entered the ministry after 22 years of teaching ESL in York Region.

Julie has practised Christian Meditation for the past 20+  years and currently leads two weekly groups on Zoom.  She is a member of the World Community for Christian Meditation and has been a speaker, retreat leader and teacher. She is keen to share the gift of meditation with people of all ages.  

Fun Fact:  A Star Trek Fan (TOS) !

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