Jonathan Murray

2 Workshops

The Power of Experiential Learning 

How can we make God’s Word come alive to children? Let children experience it! In this session we will look at how you can become a creative implementer of experiential learning in your family and church contexts. It’s fun, simple, and powerful! 

God’s Big Story 

From Genesis to Revelation the Bible is one BIG Story – God’s Story…and our story. In this session learn how you can creatively teach and remind children of the big metanarrative of the Bible. This foundational session will help you to effectively share the Gospel and be prepared for Gospel conversations with your children at any time! 


Jonathan loves Jesus! He is married to his best friend Megan and they live in Uxbridge with their 2 kids Charlotte (2) and Tobias (5 months). Jonathan completed a bachelor of Science at UOIT and then a Master’s of Theology at Tyndale. Jonathan currently serves with Scripture Union Canada as the Director of Training and Outreach. This includes heading up summer sports camps, year-round sports clubs, and training churches in children and sports ministry. Jonathan loves to spend time with family, play sports, and sleep when he gets the opportunity. 

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