Jenni Feheley


Rebuilding the bridge between church and community with CHILDREN in mind! 

This workshop helps parishes get creative in reaching the kids and families in their community in new and exciting ways. Church is often seen as relevant to those who already attend and those who are living marginalized lives. What if…. we found ways to extend a warm welcome to all the families in the hood without expecting them to come and join the church…? From Kids Cafe to Fabulous Fridays, Messy Church, the Green Door Video series and volunteer opportunities for youth – Jenni King Feheley has led St Michael and All Angels through some exciting times. Come be inspired and spend some time think tanking what might be possible for your parish. 


Jenni King Feheley is the Lay Pastor for St. Michael and All Angels; Director of Community Building and Spiritual Engagement. With a background that includes storytelling, teaching, café ownership and finding the joy in God’s wonderful world, it is no small wonder that Jenni promotes community through the love of all God’s children wherever she goes.  

Passionate about Christ and the promise he offers to all and an MDiv graduate of Trinity College, Jenni promotes Biblical Explorations, pastoral care and honest and thoughtful conversations with those around her. She is St. Michael and All Angels’ team lead for; the children and youth ministry, the Beeton Cupboard Foodbank, the weekly outreach Underground Café and interfaith dialogue within the community. 

Jenni is married to Archdeacon Paul Feheley, is a lay representative for York Credit Valley area council, and mother of two wonderful human beings. Fun fact: she breaks out into song when preaching and encourages 101-year-olds to break society’s rules.

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