Faith Lee


The Core of the Children Spiritual Formation- Experience the Holy Spirit 

George Barna research shows that one of the reasons that young adults leave the church is that they do not experience God in church when they were young. Children can know a lot of bible stories but miss one key element of faith. This is to have personal experience with the presence of God and to cultivate a deeper relationship with God through the Holy Spirit. This workshop will provide ways that help children to listen to the Holy Spirit and to experience the Holy Spirit in the church and beyond the church. 


Rev. Faith Lee has been the Children’s Pastor at Mississauga Chinese Alliance Church over 20 years.  She and Rev. Paul Lee married for 35 years with three adult children.  She holds the Master of Religious Education.  She is the candidate of the Doctor of Education Ministry at International School of Christian Education. Her passion is training children to be Christ’s disciples with the partnership of parents.   She enjoys and competes in swimming and racewalk. Love to try one new thing at a time. 

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