Annette Ford

3 Workshops

Teaching Children to Pray: Practical Resources for Leading Children to Become Prayer Warriors 

How do we lead children toward becoming vibrant prayer warriors? This workshop will provide practical ideas for helping children understand and experience how God can use them to pray mighty prayers and see Him work in amazing ways. You will receive a booklet of prayer activities and will be guided through the activities so you can effectively use them with the children in your church and/or family. 

Teaching the Whole Child in Children’s Ministry: From Boredom and Chaos to Meaningful Engagement 

How do we teach so children will engage in the learning with their minds, bodies and hearts? How do we avoid the extremes of boredom and chaos? In this workshop we look at how to engage our students by understanding their learning styles, “intelligences,” physical needs, and emotional needs. We also look at how we as teachers can be well prepared in our teaching, how we can have consistent, effective classroom management, and how we can teach with confidence.

Sustainable Children’s Ministry: From Last-Minute Scrambling to Long-Term Solutions 

Based on Mark DeVries’ and Annette Safstrom’s book by this title, this workshop explores foundational structures to support and build up your children’s ministry. We look at three practical “machines” necessary for every children’s ministry: a database, a calendar, and a volunteer recruiting and equipping plan. We also explore how to navigate church politics, connect with families, and balance your work and personal life. 


Annette Ford is the Children’s Pastor at Toronto Community Alliance Church. She has taught and coordinated church children’s ministries for many years in North America, Europe and Asia. She has a BA in Elementary Education and Bible, an MA in Intercultural Studies, an MA in Communication, and a PhD in Curriculum and Teacher Development. Annette is passionate about drawing children and adults into a closer relationship with Jesus and helping them grow in prayer and service. She and her husband Stephen have two adult children, two high schoolers, a son-in-law, and three grandchildren. She loves to write and has recently finished her first book, The Gift of Tears: A 14-Week Devotional Prayer Journal (working title – to be published soon). 

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