Alvin Lau

2 Workshops

Customized Discipleship 

Discipleship is not a “one-track” system. Jesus developed his disciples in a way that was unique to each of them individually. Discover what ways you can customize your discipleship strategy to your kids. 

Using What You Have 

Some churches feel they do not have the resources to effectively minister to children and their parents. Yet God has said he will provide what we need to do what he challenges us to do. This workshop will explore ways to utilize what you already have to minister well with children. 


Since his baptism at the age of 16, Alvin has been involved in a variety of ministry settings (e.g. student leadership, university campus ministry and local youth ministry). 

His life objective is to help a person their take next step closer to Jesus, no matter how small that step is. In particular, he has a passion to serve youth leaders and churches as they pass on the truths of God to the upcoming generation, “the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done.” (Psalm 78:4b NIV) 

Alvin with his wife and two children are part of the Mimico Baptist Church family where he serves in various capacities. He serves as the Youth Ministries Associate with Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec and volunteers with other organizations including co-chaplain of Raptors 905.  

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